Time of flight diffraction services - An Overview


Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) Element of State-of-the-art NDT used in weld inspection products and services. That's why, Time of flight diffraction (TOFD) is among the most trusted NDT procedures in welds specifically for in-company and pre services inspection.

Good factor of Time of flight diffraction which includes:

Execute screening for the duration of your production line devoid of shutdown necessary.

Continue to be Protected and wholesome from a workers as no radiation.

Data of inspection is going to be recorded store in softcopy retain for long-term reference.

Promptly give inspection data end result worth.

Help you save time with quick inspection process

Quickest system to detect all kind of weld flaw which include slag, lack, crack and not enough fusion.

Higher accuracy in detect sizing of defects.


Time of flight diffraction identified as (TOFD) companies and employed by different industries. Primarily are Utilized in immediate weld screening and inspection. Although this TOFD scanning which includes axial weld seam, circumferential plus more.

Within the nineteen seventies, TOFD solutions are greater due to The soundness of final result utilized by all industry.The typically good thing about this TOFD can generate details about the spot and Test the result.

Also benefit with superior precision which has the capacity to exact ascertain the sizing of defects. Simultaneously TOFD is among the speedy and accurate approach to detect all any sort of weld flaw like lack , crack ,slag and not enough fusion.

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